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STOK Electric

Custom hybrid and electric systems for vessels


STOK Electric offers hybrid and electrical systems including energy optimization for both existing and new-build vessels. This allows for cleaner, quieter and safer sailing.

Why go electric?

The market will change in the nearby future. Diesel engines will be less desirable due to emissions. In this case a hybrid or electric system makes sense. Besides this there are many reasons to go hybrid or electric, several of which are:

  • Increased self-sustainability 
  • Increased reliability
  • Increased safety and maneuverability
  • Increased comfort
  • Instant power when needed
  • Less maintenance
  • Sustainable, CO2-reduction
  • Possible to enter city-centers and nature reserves by boat
  • And more.
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About us

STOK Electric is an innovative company located in the Netherlands. Our knowledge covers a broad area, from our love for sailing to our electrical and mechanical knowledge.

We believe in sustainable and comfortable sailing. The way to sail sustainable and comfortably is by making our hybrid and electric systems safe, simple and with high quality components. With STOK Electric we stand for the superior quality of the Dutch maritime sector. STOK Electric is a system integrator pur sang. By collaborating with suppliers, experts in the field of yacht building and experts in the field of Electrical Engineering, we create high reliable, mature electric propulsion systems.

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Our focus

We develop hybrid and electric propulsion systems for Existing and new build sailing yachts, motor boats and commercial vessels from 50-100ft. We have a wide range of electric motors up to 200 kW, so there is always a solution for your vessel. In addition to the big systems, we also have systems for small boats up to 10kW. Ships often differ from each other and therefore it is usually not possible to use a “plug-and-play” system. 

That is why we offer optimized custom solutions for every vessel. This way we can get the maximum performance from a ship and this allows existing ships to participate in the sustainable transition as well.

Above all, safety, comfort and reliability are especially important to us and serve as our main focus points. 

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In our case, hybrid propulsion simply means that the diesel engine in the ship is replaced by an electric motor, diesel generator and a battery pack.

This battery pack can be charged with hydrogeneration, external power and solar
power. We use a special type of Lithium battery which can be extinguished with (salt)water. Whereas most common Lithium batteries used in electric crafts cannot be extinguished when something does go wrong. This is one of the reasons why our system is safe. 

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