Video Truly Classic Converted Into a Hybrid Yacht

Truly Classic Converted Into a Hybrid Yacht Video by Hutting Yachts and STOK Electric

Check out our newest video on hybrid sailing yacht Truly Classic 56 "Elysium" and the amazing effect of a silent and sustainable yacht.

Because we all know that moment of peace, as soon as we can turn off the engines and it is just the water, the wind and you. In this video we will share more benefits of an hybrid or electric sailing yacht and how we, STOK Electric and Hutting Yachts, constructed the project.


  • Hoek Design Truly Classic 56 "Elysium"
  • Built in 2001
  • Refit at Hutting Yachts
  • Electric solutions by STOK Electric
  • Displacement 24 t
  • Length waterline 12 m
  • Length overall 17,5 m
  • Electric range 11 nm
  • Electric motor power 80kW
  • Battery capacity 37kWh
  • Generator power 30 Kw

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