Hybrid and Electric sailing

Hybrid sailing for STOK Electric means electric sailing as much as possible

Hybrid sailing is electrical sailing as much as possible. We believe this should be done as safely and comfortably as possible. To create this there is a large battery bank of LiFePo4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries. Unlike other batteries, these can be extinguished with (salt)water. These batteries drive the electric motor and serve as a supplier for all electrical equipment in the boat. Batteries can be charged in different ways. There is a reliable diesel generator for emergencies or prolonged motor sailing. In addition, the batteries can be charged by solar panels and hydro generation. This makes it possible to be at sea for a long time and still have enough power on board to do your daily business. When the boat is in port, it is possible to charge the batteries via shore power. 

Besides hybrid systems, we also offer 100% electrical systems. This allows you to fully enjoy the beautiful and soothing life on the water. With an electric propulsion system there is no generator on board. So you charge the LiFePo4 batteries by solar panels, hydrogeneration  and shore power. This system is interesting for ships that sail in and around land, because there is the possibility to charge in the meantime.