About us

About STOK Electric

STOK Electric is a Dutch company founded in 2021. STOK Electric is a family business who believes in sustainable and comfortable sailing. 

We believe in sustainable and comfortable sailing. The way to sail sustainable and comfortably is by making our hybrid and electric systems safe, simple and with high quality components. With 
STOK Electric we stand for the superior quality of the Dutch maritime sector. STOK Electric is a system integrator pur sang. By collaborating with various suppliers, experts in the field of yacht building and experts in the field of Electrical Engineering, we create high reliable, mature electric propulsion systems.

Electric solutions for sustainability

We supply systems for many different vessels from 50ft to 100ft. STOK Electric aims for the most optimized configuration per vessel. The focus is on converting existing vessels and new build vessels. By supplying hybrid en electric solutions, we respond to the increasing demand for electric sailing. Nowadays, sustainability is becoming increasingly important and we want to contribute to this by creating a sustainable product for the maritime sector. 

STOK Electric Team

Berend Stokman

Berend, co-owner of STOK Electric, is responsible for financial tasks and Project Management. He is the drive behind the administration and legal aspects to make the company run smoothly. His dream is to make the maritime world more sustainable, comfortable, and safer. In addition to STOK Electric, he is studying Industrial Engineering, in which he focuses on the maritime sector. 

Antonie Stokman

Antonie Stokman, co-owner of STOK Electric, has an Electrotechnical Engineer background. His passion is in mechanical and high-power electrical systems. He has several years of experience working as an Electro-mechanical engineer in leading companies. He is responsible for the technical aspects, designing the system, as well as managing the company together with Berend.