Benefits to hybrid sailing

Sailing into the future

The market will change in the nearby future. Diesel engines will be less desirable due to emissions. In this case a hybrid system makes sense. Besides this, there are many benefits to go hybrid, of which the main ones are listed here. 

Large energy storage during anchoring 
T​he system ensures that you have a large amount of energy on board through the batteries. This makes it possible to anchor for up to 10 days and cook electrically without having to run the generator.

More range 
With the hybrid system you have a large energy storage at your disposal. This makes it possible to anchor for a longer period and still use all electrical equipment. It is therefore no longer necessary to start the engine to recharge the batteries.

More sustainable 
With hybrid and electric sailing you reduce diesel consumption considerably. With this system, the diesel generator is hardly used, only during emergency situations or a long stretch on the engine. 

Less noise and bad smells from the engine 
Sailing is all about peace, but it is quickly disturbed when the engine turns on. This is not the case with hybrid sailing. The electric motor is barely audible, which provides extra comfort on the boat. Also, the smell of an older diesel engine is a problem of the past. 

Better maneuverability 
The electric motor provides much better maneuverability, as power is immediately available with an electric motor. Whereas a diesel engine must start up first.  

Increased reliability 
A hybrid and electric system is a lot more reliable. This is because there are a lot fewer moving parts, only a electric motor. The diesel generator can run at a comfortable variable load which increases its lifespan. 

Cooking on induction 
Due to the large battery banks, it is possible to cook on induction. In addition to extra comfort, this also offers extra safety, because there is no gas installation needed on board. 

Less maintenance 
An electric propulsion system does not require oil changes and adjusting valves. ​And because the generator runs at its optimal speed these maintenance intervals can be extended even further. 

Possibility of hull cooling 
With a hybrid and electric system there is a smaller amount of diesel required on board, which offers the possibility to use part of the diesel tank as hull cooler. This means that it is not necessary to have external cooling water, increasing safety and reducing maintenance of blocked filters.

Allowed to sail in nature reserves and cities 
More and more nature reserves and cities are getting a NOx ban. This means that boats with a diesel engine are not allowed to sail there. As a sailor, freedom is particularly important, and we make this possible by means of a hybrid system.